Benefits of Games for Children’s Intelligence and Parents Need to Know


The game or game is now rife like mushrooms in the rainy season, but not all games are suitable and well played by children. For that as a parent we must be able to direct and educate so that children are not wrong in choosing games. But you need to know that it turns out that games that are suitable for children will benefit the child’s own intelligence.

Benefits of Games for Childrens Intelligence and Parents Need to Know

It’s a good idea for you as a parent to set aside money to buy a game device, this is so that as a parent you can monitor what games are played by the child. Instead of children playing online games on the internet or PS rentals, which you can’t monitor every second.

Do not forbid children to play games because good games can provide positive benefits for children’s intelligence. What benefits can a child get through the game? These include:

  • Teach Children How to Resolve a Problem

The first benefit of the game for children is to teach children how to solve a problem. In every game, the main goal is to win, well before the victory is achieved, a strategy is needed and a way to win it. It is a child’s brain stimulation so that the intelligence of his brain is maintained and honed.

  • Teaching Children To Work Together

In the game there is a multiplayer, now there is one option that can be chosen which is to cooperate in completing a game. Here the child can work together with the theme to be together shoulder to shoulder in arranging the strategy for the game to be won. That is the benefit of playing games for the next child.

  • Train Brain and Hand Coordination

The benefits obtained from the game for the next child is to train brain and hand coordination. In the hand game it functions to run what your child wants, if the child’s mind wants to move to the left then reflexively your child’s hand also presses the left direction button (vice versa).

  • Change the Mood of a Bad Child to Be Good

The age of the child can also experience the name of stress, well with the game the child can change his mood for the better.

  • Train Patience

The benefits of the last game or game is to exercise patience. Through games, children are also taught to be patient to complete a game, now this will automatically teach the child to be patient in any case.

That is the benefit of the game for children’s intelligence. May be useful for you all.