Cause of Laptop or Computer Running Slow with the Solution


Laptop or your computer suddenly slowed down? This certainly will make you annoyed, especially when you are required to immediately complete a job that requires using a laptop or computer. Before you find out how to overcome it, you should first know what causes it. Here are some of the causes and solutions for slow laptops or computers:

Cause of Laptop or Computer Running Slow
  • Small RAM Capacity

The cause of the first slow laptop is too little RAM capacity. RAM or Random Access Memory is a temporary data storage device on the computer when running the program. In other words, if the need for a program that is run by your computer is a lot, then the RAM needed is also a lot because RAM has a very important role in multitasking or running programs together at a time. If your RAM capacity does not match (small) to your needs (large) then it will make your device slow or slow.

Solution: add RAM capacity on your laptop or computer so that the laptop’s performance can be maximal and not interfere with your activities.

  • Number of Programs Run

The cause of the laptop running slowly, the next is because of the many programs that are implemented together. This is actually the same as the first point, it will occur if the RAM is small in capacity.

Solution: you should run the program one by one or prioritize the more important first, so that your laptop is not easy to hang or not responding.

  • Install Heavy Programs

Everything must be adjusted to its capacity, more or less like that. Do not force your laptop to store or install programs that are heavy or have high capacity while the capacity of your laptop is not capable. For example, you want to download a FIFA game that has a high capacity but your laptop is not able or even doesn’t support the game, so don’t force it to install it.

Solution: as explained above, it is best not to be adventurous to force what should not be forced.

  • The existence of VIRUS

The cause of a slow or slow laptop is because of the virus in your laptop. Viruses will damage the data or files that you have saved, and will make your computer hang or slow. Viruses can come from a variety of things, including when you download something carelessly from the internet, it can also enter through the FD you plug into the laptop.

Solution: install a trusted anti-virus to protect and prevent viruses from entering your computer. If the antivirus cannot resolve then immediately reinstall your device. Yag definitely don’t arbitrarily download from the internet, don’t arbitrarily plug in FD on a laptop, and don’t forget to regularly update your antivirus.

  • Number of files and applications

files that accumulate on your computer can also make your computer slow or slow.

Solution: delete files that are no longer used, and discard unnecessary applications. This will make the performance of your laptop faster.

  • Many Programs that Run On Starup

Programs that run on starup also make your laptop run slow or slow. This is because the multitasking process is carried out together.

Solution: disable the program that you think is not too important, but do not get it wrong because it can be fatal to your laptop.

Those are some of the causes of a slow or slow computer or laptop, hopefully it will be useful for all of you. Good luck!!!

The Safe Way to Shop Online to Avoid Being a Fraud Victim


Online stores have become a current trend in marketing a product, and consumers make a mecca for shopping that is simple and not complicated. This certainly makes the opportunity for business people to market their merchandise. But because this is a very promising business, it will be very prone to fraud.

The Safe Way to Shop Online to Avoid Being a Fraud Victim

As a consumer, you certainly don’t want to be one of the victims of fraud from that business right? Need accuracy so that you avoid irresponsible fraudsters. Besides being thorough, you also have to pay attention to a number of things below so as not to become victims of online business fraud:

  • Don’t be tempted by low prices

The mode used by the perpetrators of fraud in the first online store is to offer low prices. Before you decide to buy goods at an online store, you should pay attention to the market price of the goods you will buy. If the item is very cheap and far from the market price, you must be careful because it is most likely a form of trick of the fraudsters.

  • Save Proof of Transfer

The safest way to shop at the next online store is to store proof of transfer and proof of other transactions. All forms of your conversation with the seller should you save until the goods you ordered arrive at you, this is intended as evidence if it turns out you are a victim of fraud.

  • Make sure the items in the picture are real photos

Mostly to attract buyers, sellers in online stores put up photos that are not real photos of the items they sell. To avoid feeling disappointed in the future, always make sure and ask for the original photo. It’s a safe way to shop at an online store.

  • COD (Cash on Delivery)

COD is a safe way to shop at the next online store. Try to meet directly with the seller, so that the risk of fraud can be minimized. If that is not possible, then you can use the services of a third person, namely a joint account (rekber). Rekber will keep your transactions safe, because they will hold money there until the item you ordered already exists. Of course to use rekber services, you will be charged an additional fee.

  • Request Goods Delivery Receipt

The way to avoid scams in the online store is to ask for a shipping receipt number. If indeed the item you ordered has been sent, there is no reason for the seller not to provide the receipt. There is a need to be suspicious if when you ask for a receipt but the seller is too many reasons and tries to buy time.

  • Buy goods on a trusted online site

A trusted online store will make your transaction safe. You can find info from both colleagues and track records of the online store.

Do not let you become the victim of the next online shop fraud, because there are many people who experience it. Be wise and alert not to be deceived and disappointed later on. That’s how to safely shop at an online store so you don’t become a victim of fraud. May be useful.

Factors or Main Causes of Infidelity in the Household


Infidelity that often occurs in a household mostly will lead to divorce. You certainly don’t expect your broken home right? Therefore don’t try to cheat.

Factors or Main Causes of Infidelity in the Household

Cheating is actually based on many factors and causes. Actually, whatever the factor, the name of cheating is still not good. The most common causes of infidelity include:

  • Bored

Sometimes I think and it will feel strange when the affair is because of being bored with a partner. A household should complement each other so as to create harmony, and of course it will further foster a sense of affection and love for both parties.

  • Left Conflict

The main reason for the subsequent affair is the existence of a prolonged conflict. Every conflict should occur, it must be resolved immediately and a solution is sought together. If left unchecked, it will drag on, and what will later be created will be a cool atmosphere between the two. That is what causes affair, because you feel comfortable with others.

  • Lack of Affection

Affection between married couples is something that must be considered because it is a bridge to a lasting household. The lack of love from one party will make the other party look for affection outside (not all). That is the cause of the next cheating.

  • Chance

The opportunity can also be a factor in the subsequent affair. For example, just a colleague (of the opposite sex of course), because often meet and communicate, the seeds of love will emerge (not all that, don’t protest first: v). Now sometimes because of an opportunity like that people think of cheating. See also this site to get more information.

  • Self Factor

In my personal opinion, this is the main cause of the affair in the household, which is due to self-factor. Because in my opinion, whatever happens if we are able to protect our hearts and minds, then there will be no such thing as cheating.

Those are some of the things that can cause people to cheat, why don’t I say because they are not satisfied when having sex as a cause of cheating? The answer is simple, because humans have no satisfaction. hopefully it will be useful for you. Love and love your partner, don’t hurt him with an affair.