How to Make Savory and Crispy Fried and Durable


Fried food is a food that you often encounter around you, and may also be often cooked to serve to your family. Fried is very suitable served and enjoyed while relaxing with family and friends. But sometimes the fried food you cook or fry is not tasty or fast, this is due to several factors.

How to Make Savory and Crispy Fried and Durable

To make the fried foods you make are tasty and crispy long lasting there are a number of tricks and tips. Here are some ways to make fried foods crisper and more savory:

  • You should fry a maximum of 30 minutes before serving. Or in other words you just fry it suddenly so that the fried food is not soft. That is the first way to make fried and tasty crispy.
  • The next way to make fried crispy and savory is by frying when the oil is really hot (smoke). In addition to fried foods are not soft, frying with hot oil can also speed up the frying process.
  • Do not stack fried foods in the oil, because it will make the frying process last long and the fried results will be soft or moist.
  • Place the fried food on a tissue is a way or tips to keep fried and crispy. Do not stack fried foods together, but place them lined up on top of the tissue so that all the oil on the fried food can be absorbed, so the fried food is still tasty when consumed.
  • Add sago flour or starch on fried dough. Add a little sago flour / starch, so that the resulting flavor remains delicious and delicious. Adding a little sago flour or starch will make savory fried foods last longer.
  • The tips for savory fried foods are to use good quality oil. And you need to know, don’t use oil that has been used frying many times. This aside from making food not optimal, it is also not good for health.
  • You can also add a little betel and baking soda so that the fried produce is still tasty even though it’s been fried for a long time.

Enjoying savory and crispy fried foods will add pleasure to those who consume them. Those are tips or how to make crispy and gurh fried foods, also long lasting. May be useful.

Potato Perkedel Recipe, Indonesian Specialty Food


Potato chips are a typical Indonesian food made from potatoes and have a delicious and delicious taste. This food is suitable for direct consumption or can also be enjoyed as a rice companion. There are various kinds of ingredients used to make cakes, but this time I will discuss about potato cakes only.

Potato Perkedel Recipe Indonesian Specialty Food

You can get potato chips by buying food vendors on the market, but you can also make it yourself at home. If you are interested in making your own, then follow the following recipe:


  • 500 grams of potatoes, wash and then peel the skin
  • 1 egg, do not make one between white and egg yolks
  • 1 stalk of celery leaves, thinly sliced
  • Fried onion to taste
  • 1/2 tsp pepper (powder)
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg (powder)
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • The oil for frying

How to make:

  • Heat the oil, then add the potatoes until tender
  • Blend the potatoes while still hot using the mortar
  • After the potatoes are smooth, enter celery, pepper, nutmeg, shallots and egg yolks. Capable of ingredients until even.
  • Form the flat circle of potato dough
  • Before the mixture is fried, dip it first into the whipped egg whites
  • Fry the cake into the hot oil.
  • Fry until it changes color
  • Serve while warm.

That’s how to make these delicious potato cakes, hopefully it will be useful for you all and good luck !!!