The Bad Impact Often Exercises, Need To Be Alert

Exercise is indeed a healthy activity and can improve health, as well as the immune system. But all these benefits can be obtained if the sport is carried out fairly and not excessively. Whatever is done frequently and too much is certainly not good, as well as exercise.

The Bad Impact Often Exercises Need To Be Alert

Then what impact or danger might occur if you exercise too often? Next review:

  • Can Increase Risk of Injury

As a result of frequent exercise the first is the risk of injury. Exercise that is carried out continuously or uncontrolled can increase the risk of injury because the concentration of our body becomes weaker so it is not focused on avoiding an injury.

  • Can Cause Imsomnia

Because your body and mind are tired, at night you will have trouble sleeping or experiencing imsomnia. This can affect your activities in the morning, because it will be disturbed and lack focus. That is the impact of sport that is too often the next.

  • Cause Heart Failure

Did you know that exercise carried out too often can also cause heart failure. The body or body that is stretched will become weak so that the heart also follows weakening, so that it will cause heart damage.

  • Decreased Immunity

This can be caused because you have trouble sleeping because of fatigue due to frequent exercise, even though sleeping at night will restore reduced energy and mind. If this is the case, your immune system will also decrease or decrease.

  • Can Cause Depression

The last risk of exercise is to cause depression. Because excessive fatigue will cause our psychology to be disrupted, this is what can trigger depression.

Those are some of the impacts that might occur due to the frequency with which you exercise with excess, hopefully a reminder for you. I hope the article is useful for you

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