Some Foods To Avoid For Caring For Teeth

Having healthy teeth will make you free from several diseases, including toothache, bad breath, etc. To protect the teeth so that they are well maintained and not damaged, there are some foods that must be avoided or minimally reduced. Some of these foods include:

Some Foods To Avoid For Caring For Teeth
  • Vinegar-containing foods

Foods that must be avoided are the first to treat teeth are foods that contain vinegar. Vinegar is corrosive, if it is united with saliva which also has acidic properties (like vinegar) it will erode the teeth slowly. If indeed you like the type of food that is acidic, especially if it contains vinegar, then you should immediately drink water to remove vinegar or acid found in the teeth.

  • Foods and beverages that have sugar content

The food that must be avoided to treat teeth is food containing sugar. Syrup, soft drinks, milk, syrup drugs, and vitamin syrup are small examples of foods and drinks that contain sugar. The remaining sugar sticks to the teeth, and after accumulating with saliva and other substances it will cause plaque. Well if this is allowed it will cause caries or tooth decay.

  • Food Containing Flour

Why is that? Because flour has sticky properties, it makes it accumulate and makes the teeth over time will be damaged. So that the teeth stay healthy reduce the consumption of foods that contain flour.

  • Chocolate Foods

Chocolate is also a food that must be avoided to treat the next tooth. Chocolate has properties such as flour which is sticky, and has a content that is almost the same as sugar. So it’s best after consuming chocolate you should immediately brush your teeth or at least gargle with water.

Those are some foods and drinks that need to be considered in order to support your intention to keep your teeth healthy and not damaged. But in addition to food that is not good for maintaining teeth, it turns out there is a very good drink to maintain teeth, namely tea. Tea contains flour which can prevent dental caries. in addition to flour in tea there are also polyphenols which inhibit the growth of dental caries. drink tea that is tasteless and does not contain sugar.

Hopefully the brief description has benefits for all of you. Good luck and hope your teeth stay healthy.

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